Mexican Law

Arlanza Consultores is a multi-disciplinary Mexican Law Firm based in Monterrey City, México. The firm was founded in the year 2013 under the name Arlanza Abogados y Asesores. As our client base expanded we renamed ourselves Arlanza Consultores in order to offer legal services in wide variety of practice areas.
Our main office is located in the city of Monterrey, state of Nuevo León, Mexico, and we have a presence in seven other states through associate law firms and correspondents.
Our founding partners are:
Francisco Del Bosque Ramos, Esquire
1. Francisco Del Bosque Ramos is an Attorney who graduated from the Metro University of Monterrey City, specializing in Corporate and Financial Law. He has successfully managed the creation of companies, mergers of a wide diversity of entities and optimization of their financial departments to grow fiscal responsibility.

He also has a Public Security degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, and specializes in all matters regarding security applied to legal entities and individuals.
Cesar Gerardo Garcia Ocádiz

2. César Gerardo García Ocádiz is an Attorney who graduated from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, who is specialized in Criminal Law and Immigration Law. He has a wide knowledge about immigration and visa management around the globe, such as European and Asian immigration and visa applications.

He was a former Prosecutor in the State of Nuevo León serving in different areas throughout his career, before founding his own firm along with Francisco. He also has a Master Degree in Criminal Defense Litigation and has successfully managed the defense of individuals and legal entities in federal and state courts in Mexico.
Offering Mexican Clients residing in US with Mexican Legal Services
Arlanza Consultores, being a multidisciplinary buffet, can assist Takemori Law Firm clients with legal issues in México in different areas such as:
1. Criminal Law
2. Family Law
3. Civil Law
4. Corporative Law
5. Mexican Immigration
6. Commercial Law
7. Tax Law
8. Accountability

We believe in the power of collaboration. We build opportunities and relationships that transform in results. From individuals and small entities to international companies, the success and growth of our clients, is ours.
We are here to assist. We would like to make extensive our professional services in the areas of our expertise, which are framed for the legal and financial needs of entities, as well as on a personal level.
To ask for assistance, contact our affiliate firm, Takemori Law Firm, LLC, at 240.644.2637, to arrange a SKYPE consult or Telephonic consult today!