About Us

The Takemori Group consists of three separate companies: The Takemori Law Firm, LLC, Takemori Consulting, LLC and America Visa Consulting, Pvt. Ltd. The law firm focuses strictly on matters of U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law and has served the world’s investment and entrepreneurial community for more than a decade from its greater Washington DC area office. The consulting firms operate from metro DC area and New Delhi, India, and offer clients with a host of services related to U.S. start-ups, including professional business plan preparation, entity formation, management services, office acquisition, corporate bank account acquisition, Federal Tax ID acquisition, and other back-office services. These firms work in tandem with one another to ensure that all of your needs are met to allow you to just turn the key to unlock your American Dream. We also have pop-up satellite offices in Paris, France and Myanmar, Burma. Services are also coming to the Middle East with expected pop-open opening soon in Egypt.

Let our team of experienced Legal professionals and Business Analysts assist you for a smooth transition to States. We bring our services to you through SKYPE, e-mail and in-person consults. Call us now for more information. +1.240.644.2637 – We remain – At your service!