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Mr. Tsuyoshi Takemori, Dir of Asian Client Dev and Founding Attorney, Gina Michele Takemori

Gina Takemori, Founder & Principal Attorney3

E-mail: gina@takemorilaw.com
Website: www.takemorilaw.com

Attorney Takemori began her legal career in Washington, DC in 2001 while employed by the U.S. Navy, Office of General Counsel, posted at the Pentagon. She practiced in the areas of Civilian Personnel and Labor Law. While at the Navy, Gina assisted Senior Legal Counsel in defending the U.S. government against civilian employees’ EEO and discrimination cases at both the agency level and in Federal Court.

In 2004, Attorney Takemori founded the Takemori Law Firm LLC, a firm practicing exclusively in the area of U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law. The firm is a specialty boutique practice dealing mainly with business immigration issues. The practice focuses on foreign investors and entrepreneurs who are seeking to incorporate new entities in the US and employ their key workers under one of the non-immigrant employment-based visas: the E1 Treaty Trader or E2 Treaty Investor L1A or L1B Intra-company Transferee visa programs. The firm has a strong area of practice in the EB-5 Investment Green Card Program as well.

Serving the world with satellite Takemori Consulting offices located in New Delhi, India, Myanmar (Burma), Paris, France. Takemori Law handles all other types of business immigration cases, including E3, H1B, J-1, O, P, PERM, R,and TN.

Attorney Takemori is an experienced immigration litigator, with extensive experience arguing before the U.S. Immigration Court, as well as the Board of Immigration Appeals and the US Court of Appeals Fourth Circuit. Accordingly, Attorney Takemori is a member of the New York and DC Bars, as well as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit.

Attorney Takemori is a member of the French American Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC, the British American Business Association, Washington DC, a preferred Attorney of the UK Trade & Investment Organization, London, as well as a Member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, Washington, DC Chapter.

Gina speaks English, French, Indonesian and Balinese and is conversant in Spanish and Japanese and is currently learning Hindi.

Amy Yergey, Special Counselamy

E-mail: amy@takemorilaw.com

Attorney Amy Yergey is serving as Special Counsel and she brings more than sixteen years of exclusive U.S. Immigration Law experience to the firm. At the Takemori Law Firm, Attorney Yergey focuses mainly on Employment based non-immigrant visas, such as E-1-E2, L1A, L1B, H-1B, TN, as well as EB-5 Investor visas. She is licensed in Maryland and is also a member of the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association. Amy is fluent in English and Spanish.

Roberto Sarmiento, Practice Manager3

E-mail: roberto@takemorilaw.com

Roberto serves in the capacity of Practice Manager for the Takemori Law Firm, and he works closely with the Principal Attorney and Founder, Gina Michele Takemori on immigration cases. He also serves as the Chief Spanish Translator and Interpreter for the Practice. He is fluent in Spanish and English and acts as the firm’s lead Hispanic client liaison, working closely with the Hispanic community organizations for purposes of Business Development.

Roberto has recently relocated to the United States to pursue a career in the legal field. He will continue his legal education here in the US by studying for his LLM at Georgetown University Law School. Afterwards, he will sit for the NY Bar and will practice in the field of Immigration Law.

He is a native of Guatemala where he has more than10 years’ of professional legal experience as a practicing Attorney in the fields of Civil, Commercial, Criminal, Labor, Family, Constitutional, Immigration, Tax and Administrative Litigation Law. He’s also specialized in Indigenous Human Rights Law. Furthermore, he was an Instructor of Legal Studies and was invited to attend numerous events as a Speaker in Guatemala. He obtained his Master’s Degree in Human Rights from the Universidad de San Carlos de Guatemala. He also holds a second Master’s degree in Constitutional Law.

In addition, Roberto co-founded “Juristas Landivarianos” (Jurists Landivarianos) which is part of his Law School Alma mater, Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatemala City. It is known as the first nonprofit association of lawyers confirmed by a private University in Guatemala.

Tsuyoshi Takemori, Director of Asian Client Development

8Phone: 240.644.2637

Tsuyoshi “Lee” Takemori is a native of Japan and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the Matsuyama University. Mr. Takemori has dedicated his life to the practice and training of martial arts, and is a champion karate fighter, who has been featured in numerous international karate publications. He won the coveted K-1 Karate Japan Open and is the subject of a champion karate video, and is featured in a book and movie entitled “Uchi Deschi in America”. He trained exclusively in the US under the guidance of Saiko Shihan Y. Oyama. He has over 20 years of experience as a top level karate instructor.
In addition to his life as a Martial Arts Instructor and guru, he assists the Takemori Law Firm in the area of Asian Client Development. Mr. Takemori is a native Japanese speaker and is fluent in English.

Troy Yamato Takemori,Marketing Directorimg

Phone: 240.644.2637

Mr. Troy Takemori is responsible for all Takemori Group marketing campaigns. He provides the creative edge behind all company branding efforts. In addition, Mr. Takemori is responsible for “blogging” on the Takemori Law website.

Suraj, Sr. Web Designer and Web Masterim

Mohali, India
Email: suraj@takemorilaw.com

Suraj is the Sr. Web Designer who designed and developed our Takemori Law Web Site. He has 5+ years of experience with good skills of html, css, PHP, WordPress, mobile compatible website, photoshop, graphics. He has worked on 150+ live projects. Suraj is fluent in English. He created this website including graphics. He is always committed to quality design of website. He is an innovative website designer. He is very passionate about his career. The best part is he also provides suggestions to the clients for the betterment of the websites and SEO promotion.
Suraj is also responsible for the design and developing part of Takemori Law website. Our new site is a testment to his great skills as developer and designers.