In one sentence, Gina is amazing.

Here’s my story.
I’m a Spaniard and live in New York City with my boyfriend. I work as a professional for the same firm for 8 years. My H1B Visa was to expire this year, but I very much wanted to stay, to work, to live, and to be with those I’ve who had become part of my life. And so did the company I work for, so they sponsored me for a green card.

Earlier last year (2014), I retained counsel from another lawyer who had originally started my employer’s GC application. They shuffled their feet for months. The last straw was when they told me that they had priority clients (i.e., not me) to attend to. It was looking impossible for my firm to get the green card done with them and my visa was about to expire. The situation was extremely stressful.

At this time, through a referral, I found Gina and I asked her if she could help us. She jumped into high gear immediately, seeing the urgency of the situation. From the moment Gina entered my life, the situation make a positive turn and I felt I was finally in good hands.
For around a 2 week period, we exchanged (no exaggeration) at least 20 emails a day. She was on the case, and had thought of every contingency and within these two weeks my employer and I got all the applications done!!! She even got my H1B Visa extended as to minimize any possible issue.

I can say with certainty that without Gina’s professionalism, expert and fast work, I would not have had my green card application and my visa extension submitted on time.

If you’re looking for an immigration lawyer, I can recommend, without any reservation, Gina.