LGBT (Same-Sex Couple) Green Card Approval

My partner and I were honored to have found such a great, hard-working, knowledgeable attorney to defend our same-sex green card application. My family has used Attorney Takemori for several years to handle our immigration cases. She has always succeeded in obtaining us the best outcome possible. I believe her best trait as a lawyer is that she is always available to answer my questions and concerns. She takes pride of her work, and she strives to keep the best interest of her clients at the top of her priorities. My partner and I reside in Texas; however, we never doubted to hire her even if she was many miles away from us, due to the fact that I know she will keep up with her work at all times. It is known that USCIS has very recently just approved for LGBT couples to obtain permanent residency through marriage. Mrs. Takemori excelled in all areas of the application process as evidenced that our meeting with the Immigration Officer lasted less than 20 minutes! The interview went well, and smooth. We believe that if Ms. Takemori had not prepared all of the evidenced correctly and sent it prior to the meeting, we would have not received the same results. I highly encourage the LGBT community to contact Mrs. Takemori to handle their Immigration cases. Her trustworthiness and caring spirit are invaluable. She has been a blessing in our lives, and we will always feel secured knowing that Mrs. Takemori will always be there to help in times of need.